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VIDEO: CNN Squashes Interview After Robert Kennedy Jr. Says Trump Could Eclipse Uncle JFK’s Legacy

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This was not expected. And it ended quickly too after Robert Kennedy Jr. said President Donald Trump could eclipse his uncle John F. Kennedy’s legacy — and all other U.S. presidents — during his tenure in the White House.

Shocked host Don Lemon had heard enough and pulled the plug on the segment, while Kennedy seemed ready and willing to continue talking.

CNN had originally slated Kennedy for a seven-minute segment but it lasted approximately three minutes and fifty seconds.


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  • ThinkAboutIt1st

    Don Lemon is a real joke! I have never, ever, seen nor heard this kind of idiot before! This shows the high quality standards of cnn and cnn itself! Lemon isn’t even a good puppet! Lemon is just plain stupid…but…he’s also surrounded by stupid people!

    Sorry, Kennedy, that you had to patiently put up with Lemon and his stupidity…

  • 8675310

    MSNBC’s stated policy, “We control how people think. It’s our job!” CNN is on the bandwagon, too.

  • steve smith

    How can this lemon of a reporter show such obvious disrespect to someone like Robert Kennedy jr, a good man (even though I do not share his political opinions), and a nephew of one of the most popular US Presidents of all time – loved by a majority of us as well as the left!
    It shows the level that Lemon and his cohorts have sunk to!
    They have become ‘bottom feeders” the whole bunch of them!

  • Christopher Clark

    Don u ignorant slut

  • Sorwell1984

    Pedo Don Lemon is running scared. The pizzagate investigation is ongoing and he’s feeling the heat.

  • Doug Gary

    did you mean quash? idiots

  • Doug Gary

    squashes? lol idiot

  • Alea Iacta Est

    HIs father was pretty popular, too. I think he might have been a good president if he had the chance.

  • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

    we heard you the first time… attention whore.

  • Badre Lummox

    Well done Mr. Lemon. You look exhausted. Were you up late with the witches? You should probably call your buddy Skippy to set up a “spirit cooking” session.

  • Josh

    lol so triggered, feed me your tears, weak little lib baby

  • Journelism a la 2017. Once upon a time an interview like this… dialogue that does not conform to the agenda and is shortened, and sometimes edited completely out. I’ve never bee nails a fan of the Kennedys or their brand of liberal politics, but THIS Robert Kennedy Jr. Has inherited the family huevos. So far, what I have seen him say publically, shows me he may belong to the Democratic Party as it existed during the lifetime of his father and uncle.

    I am able to respect a person of different political viewpoints, particularly when they are honest and do not blindly follow the talking points generated by a John Podesta type.

    Democrats rejected the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for DNC Chairperson. May Black pastors who are exercising their disgust with the Democratic Party and it’s promotion of abandonment of morals, and see the party for what it has become… the Party of the rich, famous and financially elite, understand now that all the Civil Rights laws passed during the past 60 years are simply new methods of keeping Blacks “in their place” and in slavery.

    Hispanic voices have yet to be heard. The Media presents all Hispanics to be appalled at and adamantly against Trump’s immigration orders and plans. But if you speak to native-born Hispanics and those who have immigrated legally you are likely to hear radically different opinions. They see illegal immigration by Hispanics as a threat to them and their families.

    But the majority of illegals are NOT Hispanics crossing the River. And the media doesn’t talk about the hoards of Chinese and Indians who come on a legal visa then disappear when their visa expires. They are not,reports of them going on violent binges, are not involved in multiple felonies and deportations. They just come over legally then never leave.

    Robert Kennedy Jr. has a compassionate heart, and he also recognizes America is supposed to be a Nation of laws. Our Congress enacts laws for the good of our citizens, and the Rule of Law must be observed. If individual laws are contrary to our sense of fairness then we, American Citizens, have a number of procedures to effect changes. Our Judicial system can decide if the law is Constitutional. Public sentiment ought not to enter into their decisions because that “ain’t their job”, If the Court determines it IS Constitutional then their job is completed. And if it is NOT they can strike Tim down, and their job is completed. There is no Constitutional provision for the Courts to make law, or add to existing laws.

    The other avenue for creating laws falls upon Congress. If a law is going to cost money then it HAS to originate in the House. And if we don’t like laws that exist, or if we want to repeal, amend or make up new laws then Congress is the place to go. And if we do not like the results we’d have these things called elections.

    Kennedy understands this. And I think he is going to be a keeper.

  • RobietheCat

    That may soon be their new slogan.

  • 8675310

    It already is is Mika Brzezinski’s slogan, so stated on the air.

  • John

    Hey Donny….don’t u love it when your “bash Trump” segment goes off the rails………oh sorry….tooooo soon…….

    La La Land is alive and well at C.N.N……………

  • blaze2453

    Did Don Lemon graduate from High School?

  • Pat Engness

    This was out Monday…..everyone is tweeting about the McMullin connection to $HilLIARy being behind setting up a Fake Trump Server to present FAKE info to the FISA Court on their THIRD Try to SPY on trump. As usual, the Arkansas Crime Family will walk Free.

  • Don Lemon sucks donkey dicks.

  • RebekkaLiebenberg

    yes… because this is utterly relevant. I’m just as grammar nazi, but really, it has its place.

  • RebekkaLiebenberg

    where is this video then? apparently his words were taken out of context and I’m quite keen to see for myself.. or are we not allowed to in case our brain cells might kick in and notice that snopes is telling tall tales again?