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VIDEO: Claire McCaskill’s Russia Hypocrisy Prompts ‘Comrade Claire’ Taunts from GOP

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(Washington Free Beacon) Democrat senator Claire McCaskill’s (Mo.) quickly disproved claim earlier this year that she had never met with Russia’s ambassador has prompted her local opponents to brand her “Comrade Claire.”

McCaskill opened the door for the criticism in March when she claimed she never had a call or meeting with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, even though she had previously announced she had both a call and a meeting with Kislyak. It was further reported last week that, in addition to the announced meetings, McCaskill attended a black-tie reception at Kislyak’s house and used an undisclosed family foundation to donate to a group that Kislyak chairs. – READ MORE



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  • MatFan

    Liberals will always vote Liberal and forgive other Liberals for corruption and lying.

    This is because Liberals seek the end-game of Western destruction. Anyone supporting that is given a pass. Never expect Liberals to “suddenly come to their senses”. They follow Rules for Radicals and the “45 Goals of Communism”.

  • democrat CockRoach

    deemocrats and their little RED LIES.