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VIDEO: Casey Anthony Spotted Protesting Trump At Mar-A-Lago

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Anti-Donald Trump forces have an ally in a woman who likely murdered her two-year-old daughter in one of the highest profile criminal cases in recent memory.

Casey Anthony, who stood trial in the murder of her daughter Caylee, was spotted among a group of 3,000 people protesting outside of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort late Saturday.

Anthony is seen in video recorded by WPTV news station. The brief footage shows the 30-year-old wearing glow-in-the-dark bracelets and waving to someone off-camera.


Anthony declined to speak to WPTV on camera but did say that she opposed Trump, the station reported.

Anthony entered the national spotlight in July 2008 after her daughter disappeared in Orlando, Fla. The toddler’s body was found that December.

Evidence presented in a high-profile jury trial in 2011 strongly suggested that Anthony killed her daughter and kept her body in the trunk of her car. Anthony’s acquittal that July was widely condemned given the strength of the evidence against her.


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  • jjmikemike

    OMG, will Democrats disavow? Every interview with every Democrat until the end of time should start by asking them whether they disavow Casey Anthony. If they hesitate at all, everyone should forever claim that they either kill toddlers or at least sympathize with killing toddlers, and anyone who votes for them should be treated as a literal toddler killer too.

  • ancirnhao

    This reaffirms my choice. I know I’m on the right side.

  • ancirnhao

    The thing is, they are toddlers. Like toddlers, they don’t have a firm grasp on right and wrong.