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VIDEO: Bitter Nancy Pelosi’s Reaction To Trump’s Home run Joint Address Speech Is Priceless

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President Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress got plenty of applause from the Republican side of the aisle, but the Democrats are best represented by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – READ MORE

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  • JB1981

    Nancy looks like she’s ready for death…

  • jaylew714

    ……well if getting ready for death means in the natural scheme and path of things that most of us would certainly do……like washing the greasy nasty layer of shiny wax off her 70 something year old snout….one would think the least she could have done prior to all the media coverage and High Def TV Camera coverage tonight is to wash that sneaky sheen off her grill……BUT NO………the woman has become such a shoe gazing space case recently that she actually looks like she has absolutely no idea where she is. Much less just exactly how much of a glossy faced beast she genuinely has morphed in to. Tammy Faye Baker had a better handle on foundation and make up than Pelosi is now rocking.

  • threadbarebridge

    They don’t have real blood running in their veins, these stone faced politicians of *Opposition to America*.

  • jaylew714

    she has something wrong with her right ear lobe too……somebody or something has been kickin’ her a$$…..hard

  • jaylew714

    I’m really having a hard time with the cauliflower right ear lobe Pelosi is sporting in that picture…’d actually have to pay me a couple bucks to get “involved” with that ear ring of hers……I mean that right ear lobe is straight up “swoll”. …….

  • Frank Langone

    Where is a heart attack when she needs one

  • Rhonda Kazmierski

    Nancy Pelosi is done.. stick a fork in her!

  • stephencarter

    She’s melting, or dissolving …

  • stephencarter

    Looks like she’s waiting for a chance to take a sip out of the paper bag she’s holding out of sight.

  • Wanda McClanahan

    yeah she sure looks like she has a couple of Milk Duds in her mouth but then she finds out they’re little goat turds….keep chewing Prune Face!!!

  • jaylew714

    You know man…you’re on to something. I woke up to get ready to go to work…..and I apologize for appearing on this thread as if I’m obsessed with that right ear thing that is revealed in this picture of Pelosi…..but I’ve NOT EVER noticed it before…..and so I wanted to get another look this morning to make sure I wasn’t seeing things last night before I went to bed…..but I’ll be [email protected]…….that is one seriously over developed right ear lobe she’s got growing on.

    It actually looks like some kind of Bluetooth receiver is dangling out of place from her right ear and when this picture was taken….Pelosi was essentially completely cut off from all communication with the real world…..and because she lost the ability to assemble a cogent sentence on her own long ago….and without her Bluetooth ear piece firmly in place instructing her what to think and what to say…..all she could do last night is panic…..hence the greasy veneer of anxious sweat on her face. She has the trademark look of a person who is demented and knows it. One of the worst places a person can ever be. Some cultures call it Karma. James Brown called it “The Big Payback”. I call it “an extremely uninformed constituency.”

  • RAGNAROK the deplorable

    She doesn’t know what a job is..

  • Bob_Ingersoll

    She does not even know where she is. Suffering from Botox poisoning.

  • lechevre

    Looks like she is still eating some of Obama’s head cheese.

  • Patriot76

    She’s thinking…”Where am I?” Duh!

  • Deplorable Sparkle Plenty

    This old cow looks like death warmed over as she sits and chews her cud.

  • gasden

    she was chewing her cud the old cow, took too many prozacs

  • jaylew714

    I’m now officially losing it. I simply cannot get past that lumpy gravy thing she’s got going on with her right ear lobe. Okay….assuming there is no photo-shopping done to that picture above…..and that is absolutely legit…….let me put this out there for a second.

    I’m a dude….a normal straight pretty boring regular kind of guy. I don’t wear women’s clothes and the only things I know about women’s jewelry are what I learned from growing up with 2 sisters….and from my ex-wife…..and my now girlfriend of 26 years. But I really need to ask this question…..did Nancy Pelosi actually stand in front of a mirror yesterday and then stick the stud pin from a pearl earring THROUGH what has to be at least the half inch deep glob of ear lobe cauliflower growing at the bottom of her right ear lobe? Are you serious? What kind of special freaking “custom” earring does that piece of jewelry have to be? For the love of everything good and holy WHO in their right mind would do that?
    She HAS to know her right ear lobe is completely jacked up…..she HAS to have had a jewelry store “custom make” an earring stud capable of being run through that half inch thick hunk of cartilage and still have enough left on the other side to attach a “whatever that thing is called” on the other side. I promise this is my last post on this subject…….but the fact she actually HAS to be aware of how horrible and nasty that looks….and yet she still put an earring stud through it…..that tells me this woman just might not be a human being. She just might be some kind of ghoul or nasty beast of some sort……because NOBODY normal would try to make a hunk of ABNORMAL ear lobe tissue like that “look pretty” by hanging a nice shiny pearl off the front of it.