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VIDEO: Bitter Elizabeth Warren refuses to shake Trump nominee’s hand

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Even Al Franken shook her hand.

But a bitter Elizabeth Warren refused.

As the confirmation hearing for Education Secretary-designate Betsy DeVos wrapped up late Tuesday evening, the nominee made her way to the senators to greet them. – READ MORE

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  • Adam StJames

    Nobama Day! January 20, 2017 A day that will live on in glory.

  • benoNetanya .

    Pocahontas has a grudge like a wife that got a washing machine for her birthday and the
    misstress got the Tuscany vacation.

  • Conservative Geek

    Who the ph*ck wants to touch that nasty beyotch anyway?

  • mary g.

    Watching the hearings, I realized that Ms. Warren did not have the intellectual capacity to perform the duties she was elected to do.

  • lechevre

    This woman is sick in the head. When she talks er had bobs up and down, like those mechanical birds drinking water years ago.

  • lechevre

    Like the old Johnny Paycheck song…Trump got the goldmine…she got the shaft!