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VIDEO: Battle Ax Pelosi Goes Full Crack Pot: Mumbles, Demands Audience Clap, Calls Civil Rights Icon “Martin Luther Thing”

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Is there something wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

During a Friday appearance before Families USA — the activist group fighting the repeal of Obamacare — Pelosi was seen repeating words, telling the audience when to clap and mistakingly said John Kasich was the governor of Illinois. Read Full Story Here.

Great video from The American Mirror.

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  • C.R.

    I have known for years Nancy Pelosi is retarded.

  • Bash Brannigan

    Sad that she doesn’t have a life outside of work.

  • lechevre

    More proof that excessive use of Botox has a lasting effect on brain cells.

  • bkp100

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  • Wink

    She meant to say the threat on infants and children are:
    Planned Parenhood
    CDC (vaccines)
    Pedophilia (the GREATEST THREAT on children)

  • achogan

    Beyond senile.

  • Christopher Usewicz

    She’s so concerned with the welfare of everyone she has chosen to do nothing but mumble and talk incoherently to whomever will hear her talk as she Hayes on trump who has done nothing but try to bring jobs back to America cut out red tape so businesses can hire more Americana take away tax breaks and cheap labor from NAFTA and tpp so companies hire more Americans and try and fix obamas Healthcare law that on its own would collapse onto itself in 2 years time. It took trump to come in and do away with the penalty families and ppl would have to pay for not enrolling in affordable care. But Barry is so concerned with his namesake he will do everything to make sure he isn’t trumped by Trump..and the libs will do nothing but give speeches so the protesters continue to protest against their better judgement. Still can’t figure why LGBT protests and wants to be one with Islamic refugees who in their country have thrown LGBT ppl off buildings and worse. Europe can’t hide withe refugee disaster any longer. Politicians who are against them will win. The next elections and do their best to put them back where they can continue to suppress women and gays and everyone else no Islamic or else…

  • Amanda Ochoa

    She saw the report from the University of Washington stating that looking or acting intelligent is racist.

  • Cynthia Maycock


  • patriotor

    The woman keeps proving she is NUTS,DEMENTED or both.

  • Cynthia Maycock

    HAHAHAHA she probably could not find it if she did lmao lol i think all these leftist dems have always been this stupid it is just now showing up on the outside lol

  • SSE

    Recant=disavow, take back your story. Pelosi thanks previous speaker for “recanting”. From her first sentence, she is off the rails. She looks higher than usual. Slurring, misstatements, who feels represented by this mess?

  • harrydweeks

    Senate really needs to have a , competence hearing on this women’s actions. Either totally demented or seriously suffering from Dementia . How can she continue to hold her seat when her actions and comments are clearly deranged ?

  • SSE

    Well put!

  • SSE

    Because she represents San Fran-Sicko! Imagine if California seceded. Nancy would be gone from Congress along with her leftist, CA associates. Ah, I can dream….

  • Kathryn James

    You must be in Medical School. How else would you have discovered these university effects.

  • Gorgeous George Begonia
  • NavyVet
  • Truthsayer

    I think that she might have some mental health issues/senility. Politicians really need to know when to step away. TERM LIMITS!

  • John

    retarded would be a step up for Piglosi….