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VIDEO- BACKFIRE: Congressman on Free Health Care Ride Lectures Low-Income Americans; Makes GOP Look Like Party of Ass Hats

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Someone shut Rep. Jason Chaffetz the hell up. Fast. Snoozing congressional oversight chairman Rip Van Winkle, whoops we mean Chaffetz, who allowed three Muslim brothers to be paid $5 million to hack congressional computers, is now lecturing the country on healthcare costs.

The optics of his latest statement look very bad. He and his words are a poor choice to represent the GOP. Unless of course, this is the GOP’s platform: to fleece low-income Americans as a ruse to replace Obamacare. If so, then the plan is no better than Obamacare itself, so why replace it in this watered-down form at all?

Why not focus on sweeping tax cuts instead?

Watch a sitting congressman make as ass out his entire party here. Regardless of political affiliation, his statement is utterly ridiculous. How can you compare an iPhone to a $35,000 hospital tab for chemotherapy?

Keep this numbskull off of TV. Doesn’t he have another Hillary Clinton email hearing to botch?

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  • Luluhru

    It was the democrats who paid for the Muslim spy team in congress get your facts straight