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VIDEO: Babbling Like a Hobo Rifling Through A Dumpster, Unhinged John McCain Calls Rand Paul a Russian Spy on Senate Floor

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We normally hear this kind of gibberish from street derelicts looking to score handouts to buy a quick fix. Now senile Sen. John McCain has brought mumbling incoherent conspiracy theories to the floor of the U.S. senate.

What a maverick.

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  • Amerkianski – De Pluribus Unum


    McCain is getting paid big time by someone to come up with this diatribe!!

    The nerve to call Rand Paul a Russian Spy is beyond the pale….

    That aside, Sen. Paul objected because he doesn’t see the need for us to be in another faux conflict designed at feeding the military industrial complex….he walked out because who in their right mind wants to sit and banter with a senile John McCain.

    10:1 McCain and Maxine Waters hook up for some Viagra fueled sessions by the end of the year!

  • Deplorable Sparkle Plenty

    “Songbird” McShame is certifiable at this point. Bitter, old, warmongering psycho. Trying to gin up his “red scare”. Now accusing Rand Paul of being in cahoots with the Russians. He needs to be hauled off to the loony bin, pronto!! And take Lindsey Gramnesty with him.

  • ThinkAboutIt1st

    Why is McCain still in office? He’s a hypocrite, a Democrates (really isn’t a Republican that’s for sure), he has met numerous times with ISIS leaders, and he is a puppet for Clinton and Obama! McCain is a corrupt criminal like Clinton/s and Obama, and worthless to America and all its citizens! It was a big mistake he was reelected…..

  • Grandma_of_3

    this world is completely upside down and has been for years. my goodness, we have allowed such evil to take over our once decent nation and corrupt our government, businesses, schools and families. how do we get back on track? what do we do now?

  • jimmer123

    Arizona, start the recall…

  • TrainYourReplacement

    John McCain’t has a 0-111 record on foreign policy, a total loser. He corrupted the minds of many Presidents by wanting to invade everyone. It’s not about defending America, his goal is the New World Order for Corporate profits. More deficit spending for War while our infrastructure falls apart, more chaos around the World so his Bankster, Military complex and House of Saud friends make money.

  • Dorothy

    Isn’t it obvious that McCain is working for Ukrainian Govt.?

  • noway2no
  • newbedave


  • Judge Dr3dd

    Mr. McCain, I believe it was one of your countrymen that said “Don’t argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” I think that’s why Mr. Paul walked away.

  • noway2no
  • adorable deplorable

    I hope they took his car keys.