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VIDEO: ABC News Analyst Claims Trump Undermines The Constitution By Not Calling On Mainstream Press

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ABC News chief political analyst Matthew Dowd argued that President Trump is undermining the Constitution by not calling on mainstream news outlets.

During Wednesday’s press conference, Trump limited questions to two non-mainstream media outlets: the Christian Broadcasting Network and Townhall.

Dowd argued that Trump is “shutting down part of the First Amendment by not taking questions that are going to be any way antagonistic in this.”

“I think he thinks relying on his Twitter feed, and sending it out to the millions of people that subscribe to it, and then dealing with very cozy press in this is going to be the way to get through this,” Dowd said.


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  • alvindawg

    You talking about people with balls. They are the ones that have lied, covered up the truth, spread false stories and now someone calls them on it and they are un American. What a crock, go crawl back in your little hole. We have had enough of your crap, this is why your not relevant anymore ABC.

  • 8675310

    I listened to much of the press conference today, on the radio. When they came to the news break, on the hour, ABC news came on. They completely misrepresented what had been said in the news conference. And then they wonder why we don’t believe them. They think that we are terminally stupid.

  • Faye Hamilton

    Perhaps ABC News can tell us where that little tidbit is located in the Constitution. The part that says the President must call on them.