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VIDEO: 2 Minutes of Mainstream Media Backtracking Really Puts ‘Fake News’ In Perspective

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If you’ve been in a coma for the past two weeks and you want to catch up on all the inaccurate news stories that keep flying around like flaming shrapnel from an exploding dumpster, check out this quick recap video.

Courtesy of David Rutz at the Washington Free Beacon:

And over at the Federalist, Daniel Payne presents “16 Fake News Stories Reporters Have Run Since Trump Won.” That averages out to one completely botched major news story per day since January 20. I assume there’s another 100% incorrect story zooming around social media right now, if not several. I’ve quit trying to keep track of all of them.

And it’s not just your crazy Uncle Gus trafficking in this stuff. People who make a living in journalism, or whatever’s left of that profession, are spreading this nonsense like wildfire. If journalists know how unpopular they are among the American public or how little we trust them, they don’t seem to care.

None of this hurts Trump. It only hurts the people who keep spreading it. We can’t believe what they say anymore, and it’s nobody’s fault but their own.


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  • 2discern

    stopped watching lame stream many years ago, no news papers (especially if Gannet), no trust in the propaganda arm of alphabet agencies of the Deep State. Didn’t watch the Super Bowl this year either. Why? My protest against the NFL for becoming a venue of political grandstanding and protesting America.

  • mac mcintire

    Agree with2discern. News has been slanted, with propaganda ,pushing a anti American agenda for years. Now, they’ve become poor tabloids, reporting rumors, innuendos, and hate to incite the malcontents. Absolutely disgusting what they, the media has become .