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VIDEO: 83-Year-Old GOP Senator Blows Teenager Out Of The Water In Push-Up Contest

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Chuck Grassley, the octogenarian GOP Senator from Iowa, taught a young whipper-snapper to be careful what you wish for when the senior from the high school he visited Monday challenged him to a push-up contest.


Grassley, who in his youth worked on farms and in sheet metal factories, can be seen ratcheting off at least thirteen push-ups locked face to face with his female challenger. “He wins,” another student can be heard saying with amused air of resignation over the laughter of her classmates.

Bret Baier reported the humorous, and possibly a bit embarrassing, incident for Fox News. “You’re a teenager, you want to challenge a senior senator,” he said. “…A senior senator who’s in pretty good shape,” he added approvingly.

As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Grassley will need all the energy he demonstrated in his victory over youth on Monday for the contentious days to come as his party seeks to bring its agenda into fruition.


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  • The Bogeyman

    I really need to start reading the entire headline before reacting.