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US Intel Official Says Nothing Criminal In Flynn’s Phone Call

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An intelligence official told NPR there’s no evidence Michael Flynn broke the law on the phone calls with the Russian ambassador that led to his resignation as national security adviser.

The official said there are transcripts and recordings of the calls, and that they do not contain any evidence of criminal wrongdoing. Flynn resigned after news broke that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence about the call.

The official also told NPR it does not appear from the calls that Flynn was acting under specific orders from Trump.

Democrats are calling for an investigation into whether Flynn did or did not break the law by possibly discussing sanctions with the ambassador. The White House maintains he did not break the law, but he did mislead Pence about the call and therefore lost the trust of the administration.

Questions about the timing of the administration’s awareness of the details of the call, the timing of the leaks and the amount of time it took for Flynn to get fired have led some to believe the whole thing was a campaign orchestrated by the intelligence community to oust Flynn. Trump himself blamed them for the result.


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  • harrydweeks

    New story that this was all planned by Trump to find leaker’s and now Flynn running an FBI task force to find and prosecute leakers . Any confirmation ?

  • Pam Burns

    The Obama administration’s deputy national-security advisor Ben Rhodes, brother of CBS News President David Rhodes knew that Flynn was going to release the secret documents around the Iran deal, which would blow up their myth that it was a good deal that rolled back Iran. A congressional aide with intimate knowledge of the fight over the Iran nuclear deal was talking to The Free Beacon. “So in December, the Obama NSC started going to work with their favorite reporters, selectively leaking damaging and incomplete information about Flynn.”

    “After Trump was inaugurated some of those people  stayed in and some began working from the outside, and they cooperated to keep undermining Trump,” the aide added, referencing the series of leaks from within the White House targeting Flynn and others. Flynn’s resignation was their first major win, but unless the Trump people get serious about cleaning house, it won’t be the last.

  • Noble Gunnz

    Didn’t see this, but it makes sense that we would see Trump do something like the Untouchables to ferret out traitors in the intel community.