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US Citizen ‘Shot In The Head’ By UK Police During London Terror Attack

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U.K. police who were responding to the London Bridge terror attacks Saturday accidentally shot an American citizen in the head.

Police fired approximately 50 rounds at the attackers who were using knives to attack bystanders after ramming others with a van. Fabio Lamas, a local bartender, recalled seeing the three Islamic State terrorists carrying knives.

“I got people to start evacuating inside from our little garden that we have … and got people to come into the bar and to go into toilets, hide under tables and hide in our cellar where we keep all our stock,” Lamas told NBC. “Then I heard shooting, and I saw an American guy get shot in the head.”

The unidentified American was standing near a window inside Wheatsheaf pub. One terrorist was shot dead just outside the establishment.

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Personal Info

Lamas claimed the victim was a doctor from either New Jersey or New York. The man was with two friends who were living in London. The U.S. embassy in Britain has not acknowledged an American was injured in the event.

London Metropolitan police responded to the attack within eight minutes of receiving the first emergency phone call regarding the incident, according to Metropolitan Police Service Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley. The officers responding to the event “fired an unprecedented number of rounds to be completely confident they had neutralized those threats.”

The attackers killed seven people and injured another 48.

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  • msmispaidthugs

    So let me get this straight, because England doesn’t have the balls to stand up to pc and the muslim terrorist then when things get real, a visitor gets shot because they’re scared out of their minds and go nut job shooting willy nilly everywhere on everybody!!! Yeah that sounds better than boarders! …NOT!!!

  • John Galtius

    Eight minutes is a hell of a long time in combat. No one there, none, were able to do anything to stop the death, while your idiotic laws allow the terrorists to run wild. When are you people going to realize that being a mommy state to your citizens is making them into kittens… a sad degradation from the honest hard fighting men and women of old.

  • cargosquid

    Except for that one badass, rugby playing, off-duty transport cop that charged all three barehanded.
    If only there was some tool available that allows one man to level the playing field against multiple opponents……

  • cargosquid

    I actually had some Brit tell me that their cops were the best trained in the world.