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US Air Force mechanics fix a major issue with a $140 million F-22 for $250

“During roll call, our expediter (an experienced crew chief responsible for coordinating required maintenance taskings) gave out the tasks for the day. My task was to figure out why we were having this re-occurring problem with one of the jets,” said Senior Airman Samuel Privett, a 23 year-old load crew member of the 43rd Aircraft Maintenance Unit, according to a US Air Force release.

Because the government closely protects the specifics of the F-22 program, the public can’t know the exact issue with the F-22’s stealth.

“It took us about two days and several people overall to finally nail it down,” said Privett, who used the in-house fabrication machine to forge a $250 dollar solution that salvaged the $140 million plane, also saving 200 hours of maintenance and valuable flight time for the jet. – READ MORE