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Turkey Accelerates Drift Towards Russia

For months, we here at CounterJihad have been warning that Russia has been seeking to incorporate Turkey into its alliance with Iran.  Turkey has descended into an Islamist terror since a failed coup enabled President Recep Erdogan to purge his enemies within the government.  The President of Turkey has responded warmly to Russia’s outreach, taking steps that range from the very serious — such as the new energy deal that links Russian and Turkish economic interests — to the symbolic.  One symbolic step was moving Turkey into the same time zone as Moscow.  Though Erdogan has also challenged Russian interests in his attacks on the United Nations Security Council, where Russia has a veto, the destabilization of international security arrangements frees Russia’s hand in its own expansionist efforts. – READ MORE

  • Daisy8

    Where are the godly? Christians are being wiped out in the ME for being Christians and the US does not go to their aid.

    Russia seems sympathetic, but joining forces with Iran and Turkey will not help Christians.

    Christian persecution is expected. MAy the True Church grow.