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Trump’s Interior Secretary Issues Order To ‘Jump-Start’ Alaskan Oil Production

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Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke signed an order to “jump-start” oil production in Alaska by reversing an Obama administration plan to restrict drilling by half in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A).

Interior officials will revise the current Integrated Activity Plan for NPR-A. Zinke also ordered officials to update energy resource assessments for the North Slope and the “1002” area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

The Obama administration finalized current plans for NPR-A in 2013, which made half of the reserve off-limits to oil and gas development. Zinke’s order will help “jump-start” oil production in the region, according to an Interior Department release.

“This is land that was set up with the sole intention of oil and gas production, however years of politics over policy put roughly half of the NPR-A off-limits,” Zinke said.

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Zinke signed the order on his trip to Alaska where he met with local officials, including North Slope Borough Mayor Harry Brower, Jr., whose borough includes NPR-A and ANWR.

The NPR-A is the largest block of land owned by the federal government, covering 22.8 million acres. Experts estimate that the region holds 895 million barrels of oil and 52.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

“Using this land for its original intent will create good paying jobs and revenue for our Northern-most city and strengthen our energy and national security,” Zinke said. “Working with the Alaska Native community, Interior will identify areas in the NPR-A where responsible energy development makes the most sense and devise a plan to extract resources.”

Zinke travelled with Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski and other lawmakers who have been pushing for increased energy production.

Alaska Republicans have long pushed for opening up ANWR’s 1002 area and other regions to drilling to raise revenue and support local tribes struggling with poverty,

Environmentalists have consistently opposed more oil and gas drilling in the NPR-A and ANWR. President Donald Trump’s budget calls for more oil and gas drilling in Alaska, including the “1002” area of ANWR.

The “1002” area makes up less one percent of ANWR, which is 19 million acres. The region is estimated to hold 12 billion barrels of oil, but that’s based on a resource assessment from 1998.

The big question is whether or not oil and gas companies will rush to reinvest in Arctic energy, as oil prices are lower than when the Obama administration finalized its 2013 drilling plan for the region.

Interest in the region piqued in March when Spanish oil giant Repsol made the biggest onshore oil find in three decades on the North Slope.

Repsol predicted that “production could begin as soon as 2021 and lead to as much as 120,000 barrels of output per day,” CNN reported.

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  • 8675310

    Destroy OPEC! Bring peace to the world!

  • Kim Graves

    We need to utilize our own resources and once we are not dependent on other countries we will indeed be the richest most important country in the world without a doubt! The fact we been holding it and making our own citizens pay thru the nose for heating fuel, gas, everything to the point we had how many foreclosures after the mortgage bubble burst then at the exact same time the gas prices more than doubled and some areas that took advantage trippled the price with little to no repercussion. I know i lost my house and after becoming disabled and waiting 5 yrs for disability that just last week was approved things have been so hard for my family i just hope that we can recover. Trump gets it he may not have ever been one of the little people but we can see clearly he is taking all this crap every single day from the left the middle and the right to make our country better for us not only him and his family, truth be told he could have just gone on living the life he was and his family would have just prospered without all the bullcrap! He didn’t do that, instead he knew what was happening having been a friend of the clintons and just being in the know and he said enough is enough! Thank God for Trump and his family for their sacrifice! I know I appreciate it because i know if he can get these changes made in 8 yrs then hopefully another with similar ideals will be voted in because once the results of his changes are actually showing in our lives i hope more people will jump on the Trump train and ensure that we never ever get as close as we did to Globalism which was just another name for communism which is we would all think its great at first having our necessities given to us in return we work specific jobs but you would not be free thats for certain. Globalism is not good because not everyone can live together as we have seen with muslims and I won’t say extremists because in order to be muslim you have to believe in ALL OR NONE no half assed people allowed

    I just pray once people see the results of his actions they never ever vote another person into office neither democrat nor republican that is speaking from a script and we all know what that is. If a person cannot speak from the heart flubs and all i say cross them off the list of potentials

  • John Knoefler

    I shared a link to this article on Free World News at Everyone is welcome to come post current news stories and comments. No paywall means free subscription.