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Trump’s First Military Attack Backs CIA & DIA; Agents Said Obama Ignored Intel, Refused to Strike Critical ISIS Targets For Over a Year

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President Barack Obama refused to strike high-ranking ISIS assets in Iraq and Syria for more than a year despite regular pleading from the CIA and DIA personnel to act on definitive intelligence, officials confirmed to True Pundit.

Newly minted President Donald Trump, to the delight of defense analysts, gave new Defense Secretary James Mattis the green light to wage more than 30 attacks on these same ISIS targets on Saturday, according to intelligence insiders.

What Obama had ignored since early 2016, Trump took action on in his first 24 hours as president.

For more than a year, U.S. intelligence insiders grew increasingly concerned why Obama refused to use military force against proven ISIS outposts in Raqqa, the terrorist group’s de facto capital. That growing frustration was squelched Saturday when U.S forces used drones and bombers to rain down 22 strikes in Raqqa, destroying two bomb factories, and more than a dozen tactical units, intelligence officials said, as well as a coveted ISIS headquarters. Also included in the military strike, U.S. officials said the attacks damaged oil wells ISIS used to fund its terror operation.

Similar strikes were waged in Iraq where ISIS forces suffered severe casualties in the outposts of Rutba, Beiji, Kisik, Tal Afar and Mosul.

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  • jubadoobai

    Good report. Trump!

  • Harry Callahan

    Barry Soetero was a very gifted Muslim con man

  • 8675310

    Why didn’t “Obama” act? Hello? Benghazi was all about smuggling arms to Syria for “the good Muslims”, knowing that these arms would end up with, as he puts it, ISIL. I remember seeing a picture of a convoy of brand new Toyota pickups being used by ISIS. These trucks were shipped by the US, supposedly for “the good Muslims”. They went straight to ISIS. I have read repeated reports, with videos, of the US military delivering supplies and equipment directly to ISIS. These stories came from Iraq, with Iraqi forces enraged and forlorn at what they were seeing. I would like to believe that these reports are false, but I fear that they are not. It all fits with everything that we have seen from “Obama”.

  • Larry Rappaport

    Trump nor Mattis are even close to getting warmed up yet.

  • Stokley

    Who loved aiding the enemy.

  • Richard

    I’ve said it so many times……….. Obama commanded the strongest & most skilled military in the world. If he didn’t wipe out ISIS it was simply because he didn’t want to.

  • Thomas Presley

    Silver Tongue Devil that both parties supported in too many ways. This Vietnam Officer…shook hands with General Westmoreland, 1969 and became OIC Chief of all MP’s on the War Theater Island of Okinawa. BHO need prosecuted for endless counts of TREASON

  • Mary Carmel
  • John Campbell ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Funny how the wannabe Nazi bunch and Islamic fanatics promote the same things you do. Coincidence?

  • Danny S.

    How many innocent lives were taken because Obama played politics. There is lots of blood on Obama’s hands.


    As President he practiced Taqqiya and the media aided him in his quest.

  • Greg

    They need to bring obama up on charges!

  • The Professor

    Maybe soon the Iraqis and Syrians will be able to go home. I pray that Trump is doing this for humanitarian reasons and not OIL!!

  • dslpltdor

    He was a Zionist con man . He was conquering Syria for Israel . ISIS & Al Qaeda were just useful idiots .

  • Tami Clements

    Unlike muslim boy, Mad dog Mattis did not announce his plan to attack the enemy!!

  • Tami Clements

    I watched a video asking was Obama a Saudi plant?

  • Phil Walker

    Obama should be held accountable for his betrayal of the American people.