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Trump’s Big League Lie: Tough Talker Chickens Out From Prosecuting Hillary Clinton For Host of Crimes

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Donald Trump’s tough campaign talk about holding Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation responsible for alleged crimes and pay to play were seriously deflated Tuesday by Trump strategist Kellyanne Conway.

Speaking to CNN, Conway said Trump would not pursue Clinton. Trump had made the promise time and time again during countless campaign rallies in 2016, a fact that helped him earn countless votes.

So today, mark this down as Trump’s first big proven fabrication and what promises to be a large disappointment for voters who backed the Republican based on his promise to finally hold Clinton accountable.

Conway said Trump wanted to help Clinton “heal” from the campaign. Heal from the campaign? Trump, with this disastrous decision, is off to a terrible start as President elect.

If Conway’s assertions are true,Trump simply lied and just metaphorically slapped a number of constituents in the face.

What, you thought True Pundit was going to give Trump a free pass during his tenure? Think again.




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  • Herman Gunt

    Poor show from Trump.

  • perchance99

    The FBI can still continue its investigation and work with new AG Sessions. Maybe Trump is stepping away from direct involvement and letting the proper channels take over.

  • Don Woltz

    As a president he cannot indict Hillary Clinton. You know who can though? His AG and FBI.
    He personally making her a Martyr, for a party on the cusp of disintegrating, is a horrible idea. The sky is not falling.

  • Ry Ch

    Maybe he’s saying that so she won’t be pardoned

  • It’s a tactical move and I’m surprised True Pundit jumps on this without thinking about why he would say this. As President, he is not the one who is supposed to be instructing his Justice Department. If he’s going to set up a clean gov’t, he needs to back away and let the legal entities do their job without political pressure. Otherwise, his gov’t would be the same corrupt type you have now.

    Quit falling for MSM mentality. He has some of the best tactical minds in the world working with him. There will not be anything done that isn’t well planned out 12 steps ahead of where the media is at. Have some faith.

  • chuckkel

    Don’t let Hillary, Bill, or Chelsea get away with either governmental or private corruption. She has $2Billion of money that she needs to give to Haiti as promised before any investigation is stopped. Hopefully, this is just a move to prevent Obama from granting her a pardon.

  • huntress

    Trump is being very smart as always!!. He is saying he won’t prosecute. Why? He has to because obama would pardon clinton before january 20th. Obama can’t pardon clinton if she’s not charged. Trump will charge her AFTER he gets in office!! Come on people, trump does not play to lose!! This is very smart on his part!!

  • huntress

    It is! Trump is very smart in doing this!

  • huntress


  • huntress

    Really?? Use some of that grey matter hermie.

  • Mickey Wasp

    This is a brilliant move by the Trump Admin … It serves several purposes.
    Most importantly, this puts ALL the pressure on Obama. Hillary has to make application for a Presidential Pardon / Clemency and Obama has to NAME the crime[s] that he is pardoning Hillary for, this leaves the whole Democratic Party up for investigative speculation and allows the media to talk about it – for months and is a hammer for Republican’s in the next election cycle.
    If Obama doesn’t pardon Hillary it leaves her and the CF / GCI and anything at the State Dept (email server) up for Congressional investigation and prosecution.
    Obama is thinking – is Trump being truthful ?

  • RonSwanson


  • Ann

    It’s not his job at this point. Doesn’t mean he’s not for it. It’s called “politics”.

  • The Darker Side

    someone need to hold Trump to his promises. the alt.right media aren’t going to do it they are still celebrating. applaud True Pundit on this. hold EVERYONE accountable. it’s not our jobs to be making excuses for Trump and filing it under strategy.

  • Paul

    He’s backing away from what he himself said during the campaign, that nobody should be above the law.

  • Per Dulyver

    Listen, he is not sworn in yet for Gods sake. He is up against pure evil and the whole system has gone mental because he got elected. The Clintons are backed by powerful forces (ie. the corrupt system that does not want to be exposed). He is wise to tread lightly at this time, and play nice for now.

    When he is sworn in the situation changes. He is really in charge then, and new evidence will “pop up” (as Kim DotCom has tweeted will happen once he’s in) which will be the “excuse” to pursue the whole case again. How in the world does it serve him, or the movement, for him to provoke the scared corrupted system any more at this time? He just needs to stay safe and build his team of “untouchables”, as he knows very well what he is up against.

  • Christopher Woolsey


    Thanks though True Pundit, your conclusion seems accurate given the data, but this year data has been a bit naughty, and Mr Trump has been full of surprises this whole time. I feel this is going to play out very well for us.



  • Paul

    And maybe you’re engaging in wishful thinking.

  • Hsialin

    Liberals are so guillable, Trump said *he* wouldnt prosecute hillary, which is a fact. His AG can and most likely will do the prosecuting.

  • captdot

    The only thing mentioned was the email scandal. Investigation into the Clinton Foundation should be fair game. Trump’s acceptance speech noted his strong desire to unity folks. I see this as a magnanimous gesture to achieve that goal, but watch for the next shoe to drop on Hillary.

  • Noble Gunnz

    Still waiting for the NYPD to drop the bombshell. Maybe you should look before you leap.

  • Noble Gunnz

    Trump has been slaughtering them at their own game since day one. You think this is any different? Talk about slow learners.

  • Noble Gunnz

    Trump has been effortlessly punking Dems and the media since day one. Same ole stuff, different day.


    That was the point — he has not been sworn in and he already broke his promise. Where did the word Crook come from? He is more sorry for Hill than he is for the women who suffered from Hill including the families of the Benghazi victims. He is out there pleasing those who did not support him at the expense of abandoning his supporters.


    I will not go to Breitbart anymore. That is the MSM of the right. True Pundit from now on.


    We should have known. They were friends. But, we believed he was different from others. I regret all the money I sent to his campaign. I question his “loyalty” as he is nicer now to those who fought him instead of those who supported him. I question his “judgment” as he wants Hill to heal while forgetting the healing of the Benghazi victims. I bet the wall will have a big hole. It will trick the right to make the left happy.

  • Beck

    Trump as President doesnt “prosecute,” anyone. He could, however, appoint the right people, who, on their own, initiate such doings with his silent consent. He then can even vocalize pity and sorrow that poor Hillary got caught up in a mess of her own making, while he goes about MAGA!

  • Clinton Foundation funds helped pay for Chelsea’s outrageously extravagant wedding. You think Trump is outraged? Tax-deductible donations to the Trump Foundation paid what? well… for 20-foot-high oil paintings of guess who… Trump. Clinton Foundation collaborated with Hillary’s State Department to financially benefit a rather shady private university(?) that probably did more money-making than educating. So the proprietor of Trump Scamiversity is going to put on a show of righteous indignation and hope no one notices the irony? Yes, the Clinton Foundation deserves to be mercilessly exposed and heads should roll, but that won’t happen until someone honest and fearless is in the White House, and that is probably not gonna be anytime soon.