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Trump Victory Sparks Mental Health Crisis Among Dejected Dems

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Liberal voters psychologically disturbed by the election of Donald Trump are seeking out care from mental health professionals, while colleges across the country seek to help students facing similar mental health crises in the wake of Trump’s surprise victory, according to interviews and reports.

Mental health professionals practicing in Washington, D.C. described an unprecedented increase in patients worried about the country’s future as a result of Trump’s victory over Democratic contender Hillary Clinton.

“This is very different,” said David Sternberg, founder and director of D.C. Talk Therapy, a psychotherapy group that practices in the District’s upscale Woodley Park neighborhood.

“This is pretty unprecedented,” Sternberg said, explaining that patients are expressing feelings of “anger, frustration, anxiety, [and] sadness.” – READ MORE

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  • harleycowboy

    Anybody that has to seek a mental health professional because of the election results should be institutionalized without their consent for ninety days.

  • RedPillPlease

    LMAO! Parents and the “education” system should be absolutely ashamed of themselves! Perhaps when parents learn that their real job is to raise adults, not kids, and never allow the TV set to become the perpetual babysitter, maybe the next generation has a chance. But when young people feel the need to seek mental health professionals because an election failed to produce a result in their favor, life in general is set to become such an overwhelming obstacle, a participation trophy just won’t cut the mustard!