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Trump To Deliver ‘Optimistic Vision’ For Country In Remarks To Congress

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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump will deliver an “optimistic vision for the country that crosses the traditional lines of party, race and socioeconomic status” in remarks to a joint session of Congress Tuesday, the White House says.

The speech will cover the president’s agenda, including working with Congress to pass a tax and regulatory reform package as well as repealing and replacing the former president Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

A long-time supporter of law enforcement, the president will address keeping local communities safe as well as education opportunities for American children trapped in failing schools.

Additionally, the president will discuss his plans to expand military spending and reforming the Veterans Administration.

Trump, according to The White House, will reiterate the theme of the “forgotten men and women” throughout the speech, while addressing how to pump up American employment and tackling challenges within the middle class.

Democrats who boycotted Trump’s inauguration plan to present at his remarks with guests, they believe, that will later respond to Trump’s speech.

“It’s my hope that gallery is going to look like America,” Democratic Rhode Island Rep. Jim Langevin told Politico, who is spearheading an effort to have Democrats  bring specific guests Tuesday. Langevin’s guest  will be Rhode Island resident Dr. Ehsun Mirza, a Muslim-American born in Pakistan. “It’s another reminder to the president that he’s not the arbiter of patriotism.”

Illinois Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley will bring a “Dreamer,” an undocumented immigrant who came to the U.S. as a child who gained legal status during the Obama administration through an executive action at the time.

“We’re trying to not just tell the president, but we’re trying to tell the country, apparently tolerance and justice issues require ongoing lessons,” Quigley said.


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