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Trump Tells US To Get Smart Before Things Get Worse As London Death Toll Rises

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President Donald Trump warned Sunday morning that the situation will get worse if the U.S. does not wise up and take steps to improve domestic security.

Three terrorists attacked London Saturday night by plowing a van into a crowd of pedestrians on London Bridge, rushing into a popular market area, and stabbing innocent civilians. Authorities shot and killed the three attackers, but not before they killed four and wounded 48. An eyewitness told BBC reporters that the three attackers shouted “This is for Allah” as they stabbed people indiscriminately in Borough Market.

As the attacks unfolded, Trump was quick to call for courts to uphold the travel ban, a strategic plan to prevent terror-prone countries from exporting radical Islamic terrorism to the U.S.

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The president tweeted Sunday that the U.S. should move past political correctness and focus on security.

Trump asked the Supreme Court Thursday to let the proposed travel ban take effect. While the Department of Justice argues that the travel ban is “lawful,” lower courts have repeatedly declared the restrictions unconstitutional. The president signed an executive order restricting travel for terror-prone countries one week after taking office, but a federal judge quickly blocked the move. The administration released a narrowed ban in March, but the courts also opposed that ban.

Those in opposition have often criticized the ban as a Muslim ban, although the order does not target Muslim populations in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and a number of other places. Instead, the proposed ban targets countries like Iran, Syria, and Somalia.

In response to the latest attacks in London, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said that “enough is a enough,” calling for people to eliminate extremism.

“There is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country,” she warned, further commenting that the extremists “are bound by a single evil ideology of Islamist extremism that preaches hatred and promotes sectarianism.”

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  • CumExApostolatus

    Theresa May says, “enough is enough” and expects it to all go away somehow. What a globalist hypocrite. Why don’t you help round all the extremist up and complete the paperwork to deport them, Ms. May? Hypocrite. YOU and YOUR GLOBALIST friends have caused the problem. What’s the Hegelian dialect again? Problem, reaction, solution? Yeah, target the internet, you hypocrite scum. As if the British Intelligence Services don’t have their fingerprints ALL OVER these attacks. As if British Intelligence wasn’t the one to get the Muslim Brotherhood up and running. As if British Intelligence didn’t set up the House of Saud and Wahhabism and the Balfour Agreement. Theresa May and her gang are the head of the terrorist snake.

  • MensaFem162

    Theresa May is not qualified to be PM. She was totally incompetent as Home Secretary. The upcoming Election places Brits in a no win situation. Reminiscent of what we faced here – a choice between HRC and Jeb!, but in reverse.

    British people are reaping the flawed seeds of tolerance that May sowed. Forced to defend themselves with furniture and glass bottles (no #2A) against the rabid muslims that the H.S. allowed exit to wage jihad, and subsequently return to British streets; where they fatten their wallets with welfare handouts.

    Muslims are the contemporary “rape, pillage and burn” marauders. Traditional Brits now face prosecution for “hate speech” against muslims – I hope there are enough brave citizens who ignore Police State threats, and speak loudly, as they see fit.