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Trump or Bust: If Trump loses, Say Adios to the GOP; Loyal Voters Will Gladly Leave Party in Shambles

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Today many Republicans will vote for Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States.

If Trump wins, those voters will likely return to the booth in 2020 and vote for him again. If he loses today, those voters will happily abandon the GOP. For good.

Why? Smart voters know that Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment never truly backed Trump which has steamed loyal GOP voters. Why would we support Ryan? If Ryan and his Never Trumpers gives us Hillary Clinton, do you honestly think we would return to the booth to support the GOP?

I wouldn’t vote GOP down ticket for Congress, Senate, or dog catcher.

If Trump wins, it’s a different story. It’s a different party and we can likely purge it of the Paul Ryans and John McCains and Bill Kristols.

If Trump loses, say adios to the GOP. Americans can only be kicked around so much before they kick back. How can you run a major political party without any contributions? Say adios to your money as well.

Of course, we’re just a handful of votes here at True Pundit but unlike Ryan and his winged monkeys, I do believe we have a far better pulse on the electorate than the Wisconsin “Republican.”


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