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TRUMP: NBC anchor Lester Holt was ‘totally’ biased as debate moderator

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Donald Trump on Tuesday criticized NBC anchor Lester Holt, characterizing his performance as the moderator of the first presidential debate as biased.

Trump made the comments on “Fox & Friends” when he was asked whether Holt “leaned a little over into the left lane” Monday night.

“Yeah, totally. More than a little,” Trump replied. “He leaned over in that lane.”

The Republican presidential nominee expressed disappointment that Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, was not asked about issues that were unflattering to her candidacy. – READ MORE

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  • vladdy1

    Check the number of questions (including follow-ups — HRC got none of those) DT got compared to his opponent. Wow. Trump had to debate two people last night,and still many polls give him the win.

  • gingercake5

    The polls that had HER winning were unfairly slanted towards the Dems. In other words, they counted more Dem opinions.