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Trump: Hillary Clinton Asked Me to Pardon Her

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Donald Trump was rifling one-liners at the Alfred E. Smith Charity Dinner faster than a Hillary Clinton IT specialist can delete emails.

Trump and Clinton both attended the traditional dinner and roasted each other but Trump, who was booed and jeered at one point likely by media insiders, emerged from the dinner as the clear winner based on this zinger alone:

Clinton did have one good joke, saying Trump sees the Statue of Liberty as a “4.”

The host, Al Smith, said the event raised a record $6 million for charity, or enough to pay for a partial private speech from Clinton.


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  • Sovereign_Citizen

    Every single Establishmentarian needs to know; like a storm on the horizon…we are coming for you.

    We are not coming to be peaceful or nice or help you out of office.

    We are not coming to show you a different way or a better way; you won’t be around to see it.

    We are not coming to be nice to your supporters, your friends or your families; we are coming to take all of that away from you by force.

    We are coming and there is nothing anyone on this planet can do to save you.

  • Monica Lewinsky

    Let’s roll!