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Trump Drops Bomb on MSM: Officially Nukes WH Correspondents’ “Nerd Prom” Gala

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True Pundit was the first and only media outlet to break this story way back on Feb 6th. That’s about three weeks ago for the slackers in the mainstream media who might be counting.

And now 19 days later, President Donald Trump officially announced it today.

Here is the meat of the story we broke weeks ago:

President Donald Trump plans to stick a fork in the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

President Trump will not attend the annual journalistic love-in in 2017. White House strategists believe Trump’s snub of the controversial gathering of so-called Beltway power brokers and Hollywood’s Beautiful People will serve as the final blow to kill the controversial dinner as a D.C. tradition, White House insiders said.

And Trump doesn’t want any of his administration at the dinner either. Or at the lavish after parties sponsored by media conglomerates.

The so-called “Nerd Prom” has long drawn criticism from many corners, especially since Washington and New York media figures schmooze with politicians and Hollywood personalities while trying to maintain the guise of professional objectivity the rest of the year. The event normally serves as an annual roast of the sitting president but with a twist: D.C. media insiders spend not just one night — but an entire week of events — boozing and sucking up to politicians and Hollywood types, while verbally skewering Conservative figures in U.S. politics. It’s an epic night for many self-bloated names in journalism, especially after having spent most of their formative years stuffed in a gym locker.

George Clooney attends the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. (Photo by Kristoffer Tripplaar-Pool/Getty Images)

President Trump does not want to mix socially with the media or Hollywood celebrities, insiders said. In any capacity. The optics of such imagery would send Americans the wrong message about Trump’s presidency, White House insiders said.

The event truly has become a true snapshot of the corrupt and problematic media in America where reporters cozy up to politicians for selfies when they should be digging into their backgrounds and deal making to generate enterprising news. Unfortunately, such comfortable back-scratching relationships extend far beyond the dinner.

It is hard to fathom the Founding Fathers signing off on such an event as the First Amendment was created to foster healthy and open media checks on political power, Not crawling into bed with it.


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  • CasualMeyhem


  • CNN=Very fake news

    I am sure CNN and the NYT will complain and call Trump petty even though they said they would not likely attend. I love it.

  • gman1234a

    Finally a President we can believe in.

  • Navyduck

    There goes the moron trying to ignore real news originations while trying to prop up the alt-right made-up news.

  • Lauri Younk Gibbens

    Every day I love POTUS more, and am comforted in the knowledge he thinks more of us, the nobody’s than the rich, famous, and powerful elites. God has blessed our country with this good and decent man.

  • cuchulain

    ayup…. There’s George “Looney” Clooney, sharing his best vacuousness with all the vapor he can muster.

  • Len Fox

    Makes sense there navy*uck that a nimrod like you would only watch “real” ‘originations’…what a maroon! There’s just NO way to take these libs seriously!

  • Guest

    Way to go President Trump! No President should have time for this kind of trash. And just look at the parallels…. Trump is a “moron” ala Reagan, Bush, etc. And the real power behind the throne is Bannon, ala Cheney, Weinberger, etc. This is a broken record.

  • Navyduck

    Better that than a racist Trump supporter.

  • The Darker Side

    BUT TRUE PUNDIT had this scoop weeks before your beloved MSM. Makes you look even dumber commenting on this thread when they broke the damn story wide open 3 weeks ago. Where was NY Times?

  • Navyduck

    Am I supposed to be impressed that “True Pundit” has an in at the Kremlin?

  • thinkwell

    Hey, Snowflake, your hero, aka obama’s deception of the American public is absolutely the biggest scandal so far that, by rights, should have been the news story of this century and is certainly bigger than all the leftist fake news nonsense.

    The list of aka obama’s known identity crimes is long — his social security number is recycled and likely is stolen, the pdf of his birth certificate on the White Mosque website is an obvious electronic forgery with its number likely stolen from dead baby Virginia Sunahara, his purported draft registration is bogus, when checked by the feral government’s own e-verify, he was flagged as a probable criminal identity fraud, he claimed in his own biography via his own publicist for more than fifteen years (and through several revisions) to have been born in Kenya. These are undeniable facts and have been proven and thoroughly documented by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his cold case posse as well as others.

    So who is our putative president anyway? No one really knows. What we do know is that it is very unlikely that he was born when and where he claims and that even his true parentage is in doubt. Is he Barack Hussein Obama or is he Barry Soetoro (or Soebarkah) or is his true name something else altogether? Was he the baby that passed through his Kenyan “step grandmother’s” hands or did he assume that identity, too? It is entirely possible that he may actually be an illegal alien, never having become a legitimate citizen (he certainly acts more like a citizen of the world rather than a true American).

    Even if we are to believe his given life story, since his claimed legal father was a citizen of Kenya, aka obama was born with dual citizenship and does not meet the founding definition of a natural born Citizen, that is, from birth on, one must have had exclusive allegiance to the USA (never at any point to any other country). The only thing that is certain is that the man who is passing himself off as B. Hussein Obama is an illegal usurper who by rights should arrested, tried and convicted of criminal identity fraud and high treason, then be punished to the full extent of the law, stupidly misplaced white guilt notwithstanding.

  • The Darker Side

    Nothing beats your in at the nut house.

  • R Coward

    You know there are only one group of people that are always race baiting and I think by doing so you liberals are outing yourselves as the true racists.

  • huntress

    Good lord dimwit, try getting some factual news.
    Crawl back under your msm rock. This is for adults only.


    They already did just that! Liberals are so predictable.

  • Vito

    Racist? It’s ok to think for yourself there guy, or has the alt left not given you permission to do so?

  • Vito

    Ok, now I know you must be, what, thirteen or fourteen?

  • Navyduck

    Try 62 bigot.