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Trump calls Paul Krugman ‘demented’ for suggesting he has an ‘incentive’ to benefit from a 9/11-style attack

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President-elect Donald Trump blasted a New York Times columnist on Saturday for suggesting Trump has an “incentive” to benefit from a terrorist attack similar to the circumstances surrounding those on September 11, 2001.

“They had a clown today in the failing New York Times saying I wanted to have another World Trade Center catastrophe because it was good for my base,” Trump said at a rally in Mobile, Alabama.

“What kind of demented person would say that?” Trump added. – READ MORE

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  • Val Valerian

    Trump does not suffer fools gladly, and this last ditch desperate attack from the current administration via rogue elements within the intelligence community will not go unpunished. Now Krugman is on his list.

    Trump, who was a protege of the infamously ruthless attorney Roy Cohn, has made it very clear over the years how he deals with his enemies. In “Think Big” he detailed how to handle traitors:

    “I always get even…I go out of my way to make [their] life miserable.”

    “When somebody screws you, screw them back in spades” and “Go for the jugular so that people watching will not want to mess with you.”

    In “The Art of the Comeback” Trump wrote:

    “I believe in an eye for an eye — like the Old Testament says.”

    “Some of the people who forgot to lift a finger when I needed them, when I was down, they need my help now, and I’m screwing them against the wall. I’m doing a number…. And I’m having so much fun.”

    Donald Trump is Michael Corleone. He will keep his friends close, and his enemies closer (including the likes of John Bolton). But those he doesn’t keep closer, he will ruthlessly “screw against the wall” for targeting him.

    As far as the Intel community, specifically the CIA, is concerned, the no-nonsense Mike Pompeo, Trump’s nominee for CIA director, will be the hatchet man for this merciless house cleaning operation.

    Come January 20th, the reckoning begins.