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Trump Budget To Slash Money For Most Departments To Boost Pentagon Funding

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The White House is set to propose a large increase in military spending and cuts in spending for several other government agencies, administration officials announced Monday.

The Associated Press reported the proposed White House budget will have a $54 billion increase in defense spending, which represents an approximate 10 percent increase in spending for the Pentagon. Office of Management and Budget officials said that this spending would be offset by cuts to other government departments. One official said that there will be a “large reduction in foreign aid.”

Sources with knowledge of Trump’s draft budget proposal told the AP that the Environmental Protection Agency would likely face budget cuts, and that there won’t be significant changes to Social Security or Medicare. His proposed budget will be submitted to Congress in mid-March.

President Donald Trump told governors assembled at the White House that the nation will have to “do more with less and make the government lean and accountable to the people.” Trump did say that his budget would increase spending for federal law enforcement and said that he will have a “big statement” regarding infrastructure spending in his address to Congress Tuesday night.

During the campaign, Trump vowed to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure and military.


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