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True Pundit’s Intrepid Political Reporting Earns Coveted George Polk Award Nomination for Hillary Clinton vs Wikileaks

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True Pundit has been nominated for the George Polk Award in Journalism for 2016 for political reporting for its exclusive expose detailing Hillary Clinton’s proposed drone strike on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Known simply as the ‘Polk Awards,’ nominations are extremely rare and thought-to-be extinct for conservative media outlets. Established in memory of George Polk, an intrepid reporter who was murdered while covering the civil war in Greece, the “Polk” is one of the most coveted awards in journalism because nominations are generated by peers in the media who also judge the awards.

“We might be the first conservative news site to be nominated and it was a surprise when many on the committee recommended our reporting for nomination. It’s an honor to be included in the same journalistic conversation as George Polk. We commend the Polk’s recognition of a conservative player in the awards process which truly proves that great reporting transcends political lines,” True Pundit said in a released statement.

From the Polk nomination submission to the judges for what is being dubbed the story that perhaps changed the trajectory of the 2016 presidential election:

Under Intense Pressure to Silence Wikileaks, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Proposed Drone Strike on Julian Assange

The story broke. It was immediately picked up by national media and television networks. Wikileaks along with the United Nations envoy condemned the story’s troubling revelations. Mrs. Clinton was forced to address the story within hours, another feat for the reporting. However, she could not deny any of the allegations. Instead she simply said she couldn’t remember if she called for the assassination of the famous and controversial international journalist.

But why not simply deny? Politicians disregard the truth all the time. Because the story was written and investigated so thoroughly, Mrs. Clinton could not offer a typical blanket denial. (True Pundit) even had the details down to what outfit she was wearing on the day the Secretary of State of the United States asked her inner circle if they could kill the Wikileaks founder with a military drone strike. Later, (True Pundit) detailed a similar conversation and debate at the White House. The reporting left no wiggle room. She was painted into a proverbial corner.

Within days, and after citing the Clinton drone story as part of his motivation, Assange began publicly disseminating damaging internal emails from and about the Clinton campaign. The election had changed that quickly. And Mrs. Clinton’s campaign would never recover its seemingly unstoppable momentum.

The submission included True Pundit’s original story, along with related sidebars:

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  • Congrats…so amazing watching you break story after story with the truth the MSM did not dare to tell. Helped me calibrate my gut check through this morass. Keep working on drying out that swamp!

  • Yes!

  • The Darker Side

    fingers crossed. long shot because you are not MSM but you never know

  • Chirpy

    From this diehard Progressive: Thank you for being a part of what took this criminal group down. Unfortunately my side hasn’t been able to properly challenge the Neoliberals and their awful policies that mimic the worst of Neoconservative actions. Now it’s time to bind together these criminals with the turds on “your side”(sick of picking sides at this point) and take them all down.

    That would be the true meaning of draining the swamp. Can’t just drain one side…

  • Rod Crain

    If there was ever a flat out site for news that almost completely BS , this is it.
    The people running this site are not doing a single American liberal or conservative a bit of good. Just tell the truth. its somple