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Trudeau Team ‘Disappointed’ Over U.S. Exit From Paris Climate Accord

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his “climate change” minister Catherine McKenna are both “disappointed” over President Donald Trump’s decision to break with the Paris climate accord.

Trudeau and Trump exchanged words over the phone on Thursday night when the prime minister “expressed his disappointment with the president’s decision,” according to a news release from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Through crestfallen, Trudeau reiterated to the president “Canada’s continued commitment to working internationally to address climate change. This is about an ambitious and unshakable desire to leave a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable planet for our kids and for generations to come.”

Despite the lofty objectives, when Trudeau signed the Paris accord he was widely criticized in Canada by environmentalists for selling out to an agreement that they said was far too lenient on greenhouse gas producers.

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Nonetheless, Liberal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna also found Trump’s resolve to extricate the U.S. from the accord “deeply disappointing” and even suggested that the president will be missing out from the “inevitable” increase in green energy jobs that climate change proponents believe will soon be mushrooming around the world.

“The clean-growth economy is where the world is going and Canada is going to be part of it,” McKenna said Thursday on Parliament Hill.

“Canada wants to create good jobs, and wants to grow our economy and create opportunities for business. We want to be there, we want to be providing solutions for the world. We know where we’re going.”

However, the U.S. move might well affect Trudeau’s plans to implement a national carbon tax and his overall environmental agenda that many critics say will make the Canadian economy less competitive than its American counterpart. With the North American Free Trade Agreement on the cusp of renegotiation, environmental policy could well become integral to reaching a new agreement.

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  • SilverDragons

    As an American I don’t give a flying fig what little boy Trudeau thinks. It’s so sad he is ruining his country. All the people I met when visiting Canada were good kind people. I can’t understand how they could have elected such a wuss. Then again, Obama stole the presidency here so maybe the same thing happened in Canada.

  • MatFan

    I would like for just one of these Climate proponents to show evidence of ANY of the past predictions coming true.

    None have come true. The Accord doesn’t even address Climate Change.

    The Accord says the USA is “over-developed” and that we must pay the rest of the world so they can catch-up while we sit on our hands.

  • Pete

    Trudeau can’t even provide good health care for his citizens. They are going to the United States to get procedures they can’t get in their own Country. So this dirtbag is going to lecture us on climate change. Maybe he should be focused on the Wonderful people of Canada and let the U.S. President focus on the U.S. problems and our citizens needs like jobs and healthcare. Neither of which the Paris climate accord does anything to improve, and actually takes funding away from. Remember the primary purpose of the Paris Accord is to take money from other nations and spread it around. The USA is already doing way more then their fair share! Time to take care of some of our own!

  • Boommach

    We’re equally disappointed you’re the Prime Minister of Canada. We’re even.

  • patriot6

    Trudeau is disappointed only because of all the American dollars they won’t be getting their hands on.