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TRIGGERED: Facebook, Instagram Delete True Pundit Pages; Another Conservative Censored

Follow on FacebookFollow on Twitter recently launched pages on Facebook and Instagram, two social media platforms owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

Today Zuckerberg’s liberal winged monkeys, who have made a career out of censoring Conservative pages and throttling their traffic, have deleted the Instagram account and locked us out of the Facebook account. No Reasons were provided. Facebook also locked down the decade-old personal page and All other business pages linked to the TruePundit administrator’s account. While the FB page is up, we have no control of it. It is locked down.

“There’s a target on our back because we are an investigative journalism news site and Conservative voice that is growing like a wild fire,” said Publisher Thomas Paine. “Censoring Patriots historically has never proven to be a wise game plan but then again we’re not dealing with wise people. We’re dealing with small-minded people who live in a liberal vacuum.”

This disgraceful tact comes after Zuckerberg promised to back off muscling Conservative pages after it was discovered Facebook as a practice promoted liberal pages and causes while censoring Conservative pages, companies and campaigns.

Paine said Facebook has become little more than a breeding ground for ISIS and terror-related pages that are free to spew hatred toward Americans and thrive uncensored, unabated, and therefore collectively celebrated by Facebook executives and Zuckerberg.

Paine vowed will deal with Zuckerberg in its own unconventional manner. “They want a fight, we’ll bring a War. His billions of dollars won’t save him,” Paine said.

“We’re from Philadelphia, we grew up in street fights,” Paine said. “When’s the last time that twerp was in a street fight?”


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