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Triggered: Bill Clinton Rape Hecklers Getting Pummeled by Lovable Leftist Hillary Supporters

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The number of protestors yelling “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” or carrying similar signs at Hillary Clinton rallies have been escalating and are likewise triggering violent responses from Democrats.

Clinton supporters have resorted to violence in recent days to attempt to stomp on Clinton rape protestors First Amendment rights. Hey wait, I thought Donald Trump supporters were the violent lot in the 2016 election cycle? Aren’t Democrats supposed to be easy going and tolerant?

The violence proves that such protests are striking a nerve in the Clinton campaign and causing collateral damage, especially with millennial voters who may not know of Bill’s previous decades of sexcapades.

The rape hecklers have been interrupting both Hillary and Bill speeches nationwide.

From Wednesday in Las Vegas.

From Monday in Florida.

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  • Canyouplease

    The left are so loving.

  • Livefree Ordie

    Man, if nothing else, even if you don’t like Trump, doesn’t that batsh*t crazy laugh of Hillary’s, that she does when things aren’t going her way, make you want to do anything but vote for her, somewhere, down deep?

    I mean, if your spouse was accused of rape and people felt so strongly about it that they made a t-shirt with his face and the word “Rape,” and then risked a beat-down at an event to share that view, would you think it was funny? WTF is wrong with her?

    I’m deadly serious about this laughing matter:

    Help me understand why I should trust someone who lies and laughs like this.

  • Vida Galore

    These aren’t the “left”. We progressives are done with the Dem party. This is the residual neoliberals. They are just as disgusting as rightwing nutjobs.