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Top WH adviser: Obama hasn’t had any scandals as president

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President Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House has been free of scandal or controversy, according to Valerie Jarrett, a top Obama adviser.

“The president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn’t had a scandal and he hasn’t done something to embarrass himself,” Jarrett said on CNN Sunday, according to the New York Post.

She went on to explain that part of the reason Obama has been scandal-free is because he and wife Michelle make a great team together.

“That’s because that’s who he is—that’s who they are — and I think that’s what really resonates with the American people,” she said.

But most Americans would disagree — vehemently — and argue that Obama has had a host of scandals and controversies to plague his administration. – READ MORE

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  • Joseph Chiara

    it has been a scandal from beginning to end… these people are nothing more than lying propagandists who are both disreputable and reprehensible

  • conrad

    And there have been no Iranians or radical Islamists either.

  • thinkwell

    Perhaps the biggest scandal is that we elected an illegitimate criminal identity fraud as our putative president – twice! And then we let him politically persecute and imprison battle-proven patriot Lt. Col. Terry Lakin because he had the bravery to stand tall and call out his fake commander-in-chief as an illegitimate fraud. Look it up.

  • George

    Too many to name

  • Joe Oglesby

    His whole tenure in the Oval Office has been plagued by one repulsive scandal after another.
    This man has violated more gun laws than any single American. Armed our terrorist enemies and Mexicos drug lords.
    He corrupted our Justice Department, and used it against American citizens, … openly.
    Looked the other way while our men in Benghazi fought for their lives for half a day. What a disgrace!

    Sadly our media, claiming to be journalists, has enabled this and covered up for it all along. They have earned the contempt of a large part of Americans. They shouldn’t whine if President Elect Trump doesn’t want them in our nations capitol.

    Thank god he is about gone.

  • terri turner

    The most delusional man on the planet is sitting in our White House. God help us.

  • Dave C

    This people push “The History of Now”