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Top House Democrat Officials Unaware of Ongoing South Carolina Special Election

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Some of the House Democrats in charge of getting their peers elected were completely unaware of an ongoing special election in South Carolina when asked by a reporter.

But the same day, a second special election is being held in South Carolina’s fifth district, recently vacated by Mick Mulvaney, who President Donald Trump picked to direct the Office of Management and Budget. Republican candidate Ralph Norman is facing off against Democratic candidate Archie Parnell.

“Who’s Archie Parnell?” said Florida Rep. Lois Frankel when asked about the race by Roll Call. As a member of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s leadership team, Frankel is charged with electing fellow Democrats to the House.


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  • patriot6

    They aren’t aware of what’s going on in their own party because they’re too obsessed with the phony Russia story and trying to fabricate any nonsense they can to create numerous investigations based on nothing, no evidence of anything but they say “Investigate! Investigate!” anything and everything.

  • msmispaidthugs