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Time Urges 65 Million Americans Who Voted For Hillary Not To Pay Taxes

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Under the twisted premise of losing the popular vote and “no taxation without representation”, TIME’s Mark Weston proclaims that the approximately 65 million Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton should pledge “we won’t pay taxes to the federal government… until democracy is restored.”

Because, It’s just not fair?

Twice in the past 16 years, a Republican candidate who finished second in the popular vote has won the presidency. This year, Donald Trump won the electoral vote with about 46% of the popular vote, while Hillary Clinton received about 48%. If the parties stay this evenly divided, another electoral mishap is more likely than not in the next 20 years. – READ MORE

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  • NavyVet

    Good luck with that!

  • Jan C

    Many are not paying their taxes anyway

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    Oh, goodie!

    Those of us unrepresented since 2008, and some being outright maligned by the IRS for being Tea Party and/or Conservative, can expect 8 years of refunds, yes?

  • Kerry Hart

    Do all Democrats want to ruin their lives, go to jail along with Hillary? Wow what dumb thing will they do next? Soon Republicans will rule the USA because all the Democrats will have federal offenses. See that is what happens when a evil criminal is above the law because she is rich. She is setting a bad example. It is a federal offense to threaten Electors, voter fraud is against the law, and now they don’t want to pay taxes. Is the basic IQ of a Democrat like 87?