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Tillerson: ‘I’m Confident’ Budget Cuts Will Make State Dept. ‘Much More Efficient’ (VIDEO)

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Rex Tillerson told reporters in Tokyo Thursday morning that he is “confident” President Trump’s proposed budget cuts to the State Department will make the agency “much more efficient.”


“The level of spending that the State Department has been undertaking, in particular this past year, is simply not sustainable,” Trump’s secretary of state stated. “As time goes by, there will be fewer military conflicts that the U.S. will be directly engaged in.”

Rex Tillerson, Shinzo Abe (Getty Images)

Rex Tillerson, Shinzo Abe (Getty Images)

“I’m confident with the input of the men and women with the State Department we’ll construct a way forward that allows us to be much more effective, much more efficient and be able to do a lot with a lot fewer dollars.”


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  • clarioncaller

    Maybe Rex will be able to locate the $6Billion that Hillary ‘misplaced’?

  • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

    Cut it to the quick Rex, then rebuild with loyal Americans.

  • Laura

    this must be why the democrats have now included Rex Tillerson in their hit squad and inferring that he was also hired 4 supposed connections to Russia