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There’s a Vicious Rift Forming in Democratic Party and Dem Senator Kamala Harris Is the Cause

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Progressive Democrats have not embraced rising star Sen. Kamala Harris (D, Calif.), highlighting a rift within the Democratic Party that evidently did not end with the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.

Speculation has recently surrounded Harris regarding a potential 2020 presidential run. Democratic donors are starting to coalesce around her as their preferred candidate, according to a report from Mic.

Certain groups that supported Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) for president against eventual Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton are not jumping on board, however. Yashar Ali, a political commentator who worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, tweeted Wednesday that it was “astounding how quickly the Bernie Sanders crew has mobilized against Kamala Harris.”

Harris’ so-called “Bernieland” problem stems from alleged ties to Wall Street and insufficient commitment to populist economics, according to Mic.



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  • bilbo

    Oh Lord, let them continue to tear themselves apart for the next 20 years…

  • Hope

    I had read that Harris is under investigation for abuse of office and other crimes. She confiscated property from a citizen without a warrant…This lady is dangerous, racist and worse than Obama ever was….

  • Paul

    This is the woman who got her career in politics started by sleeping with then San Francisco mayor Willie Brown while he was marrried.
    Maybe if she gives Bernie a ‘ride’ he will endorse her.