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The Unearthed 30-Year-Old George Soros Video That May Change Your Opinion of the Liberal Villain

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A rare 60 Minutes profile of George Soros which aired in 1998, when esteemed Mike Wallace was running the operation. may change your opinion of the embattled philanthropist.

To be fair, we found clips and portions of this interview on Twitter that have been edited to make Soros appear to be unapologetic for his connections with the Third Reich. But when you view the entire interview, unedited and not manipulated by alt.right faux journalists, the truth is cast in a much different light.

Was he really a Nazi collaborator?  Watch the video, then decide.

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  • Lovely_Infidel كافر

    Nope. Still pretty sure Herr Soros is Satan in the flesh.

  • jubadoobai

    Well, I posted a comment here and it has disappeared.

  • crazy2medic

    I’ve had that happen too, I think the moderators will either delete a post or flag it if it disturbs their sensitive nature, I have had them flag a post just because I used the name of the german dictator from the 40s even though it was a factual reply to another comment

  • Hoax & Chains!

    The Obama Hillary Democrat Alt Far Left is still hard at work pushing their agenda. They work 24×7 and never stop. If they fail at the polls they resort to the courts. If they fail at the courts they resort to the bureaucracy which they absolutely control 1,000%. They control our schools from K thru University and the evidence can be seen on the street with our young kids lead by CPUSA ( Communist Part of America) paid professional community organizers who incite these anarchist rioters and law breakers to riot against the results of a lawful election! Trump and Republicans must call on Obama and Hillary who organize, fund and lead their professional paid rioters to stand down and abide by the law for a change! We must continue to expose the subversive tactics of the Alt Far Left lead by radical insurgents like Obama and engage in the war of information and culture that the Left dominates so well! Republicans need to begin to combat this subversion!