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October Surprise Foretold by Wikileaks: All Queen’s Men Would Protect Humpty Dumpty Hillary

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Julian Assange saw this coming weeks ago when he was mapping out the Wikileaks Fall attack schedule on the 2016 U.S. election cycle.

Assange and Wikileaks explicitly shared such gems of wisdom with True Pundit in September that the closer election day came, the harder it would be for even bombshell stories to get any traction, especially in a tainted media. At that point, prior to the eleven rounds of John Podesta emails released thus far by Wikileaks, only Assange and his insiders knew how rigged the American press was with the Hillary Clinton campaign. Now, weeks later, we all know the media is even more corrupt than we could have ever imagined. And Clinton is just that much more corrupt than we already knew.

True Pundit was fortunate to release it’s largest October Surprise on the second day of the month, a Sunday. That story detailed how Clinton wanted to kill Assange via military drone. The story received play in the national media for almost two weeks because it was too large to bury and because the timing was about perfect. If we published the same story today, you may have never even seen it. How can we say this with confidence? True Pundit’s Sunday story detailing how Clinton supplied cash, weapons, tanks and training to Al-Qaeda to Kill Gaddafi and weaponize “ISIS” in Syria has not gotten as much attention as it normally should have, as predicted by Assange’s election timeline.

Similarly, the videos released by James O’Keefe this week would otherwise prove brutally damaging to Clinton’s campaign if Big Media was covering the videos. They are not. O’Keefe is a victim of what Assange foretold weeks ago. O’Keefe is a victim of the main stream media’s October Surprise: A news blackout waged to prohibit negative information about Clinton from reaching the eyes and ears of sensitive voters. You can’t blame O’Keefe for going to the knockout punch in October but his videos, if released after Donald Trump supporters were physically pummeled in San Jose, could have shut the party machine down as far as the Democrats organizing violent counter rallies to curb Trump’s appeal.

Matt Drudge today is teasing a National Enquirer expose alleging Hillary is a crazed sex addict. It is an intriguing read and the National Enquirer’s record of breaking true news around a general election cycle is too strong to ignore. But the issue here is play. Who in the Big Media is going to touch this story with less than three weeks to go before election day? Likely no one. Drudge alone can drive the story to a point, but Democratic voters aren’t reading Drudge and to my absolute dismay, I recently learned many Democrats never heard of the Drudge Report. Yes, it is true. I could not believe it myself and that is another story for another day. No time for that now.


Sex allegations printed in the National Enquirer about GOP Sen. Ted Cruz during the primary season took weeks to gain footing and ultimately harm the candidate. Drudge did not back those efforts with coverage on his site so perhaps this time with his backing, the allegations against Hillary will gain steam. But the cards are stacked against that happening absent coverage from Big Media and with the 20 days to go..

Trump has one opportunity in tomorrow night’s debate to break through to the classes of voters that Big Media is working so diligently to shield. Trump has a filter-free medium to reach undecided voters or sway Hillary voters who remain on the fence. He just needs to steam roll past the moderator and media lightweight Chris Wallace. The crooked New York Times, who has thrown out any credibility it had left in recent weeks, cannot protect Hillary on the national stage Wednesday night. She can’t hide Wednesday night at one of her four well-guarded homes.

She is there alone. All the Queen’s horses and all the Queen’s men cannot put her back together again until After the debate.

After Wednesday night, however, expect Big Media to commence the largest election news blackout this country has ever seen to protect their eggshell candidate.


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  • Danny J

    Nailed it perfectly.

  • The Darker Side

    Great insight