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The melting of campus snowflakes

Academic freedom, once so popular in the faculty lounges, appears to be optional on many campuses where college presidents wilt under the first squeals of snowflakes.

These snowflakes are not the first ice of winter, but delicate students who imagine they, like their first bumps in life, are unique, and worry they’ll melt if they go out in the sun. The modern college and university president makes finding shelter for them his first priority.

Garry Harley is an artist in Lowell, Massachusetts, and when Salem State University in nearby Salem (home of the original witches of New England) asked him to create something inspired by the election, he had an epiphany. He would think of all the ways Donald Trump was demonizing and oppressing black people in America, and commit his thoughts to high art. The university put them on exhibit just after Nov. 8. – READ MORE