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The Media, Still Throwing a Fit Over Trump

The news media, in the aftermath of their self-perceived failure to prevent a Donald Trump presidential victory, are throwing a temper tantrum.

Thwarted in their collective effort to coronate Hillary Clinton, they have resorted to holding their breath, stamping their feet and screaming shrilly, all in an apparent to assure that the guy who beat them is a miserable flop.

To be sure, the mainstream media see the win by Trump as a defeat for them. They had their thumbs on the scale for Clinton all the way. It didn’t work, and they are out for revenge. All you need for evidence is to look at the largely critical and negative news coverage of and commentary on Trump since his unexpected election some three weeks ago. It reeks of disdain. – READ MORE

  • Really?

    I love liberal tears. The MSM is Fake News. Wikileaks proved it. The MSM is the old media. MSM is dead. Bury it. Long live the New Media.