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The Libertarian Party is on the verge of losing more than just the election

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In the wake of a tumultuous week for the Libertarian Party, in part because of their vice presidential candidate Bill Weld becoming a pariah to his own voting bloc, they are sinking like a rock in the polls.

While the Libertarian Party was never projected to actually win the general election, one clear goal for the third party option was to keep themselves at — or above — 5 percent. Doing so would allow the party access to federal campaign funding in 2020. This would be a huge step for the party and would allow them to compete with a much better showing next time around. – READ MORE

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  • @ChunkyTWshngtn

    I guess somewhere between searching for the mythical Aleppo, sticking out ones tongue to describe a debate performance Bill Weld decided to unmask his Northeastern Liberal self from behind a RINO costume and shill got Hillary!

    It will be interesting to see how the party recovers.

    Oh and BTW don’t forget the guy who stripped on stage. These guys are a riot. Good to party with but bad for Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • wowgivemeabreak

    The libertarian party died with Ron Paul. These remainders are just hacks.

  • Jimmy Jones

    The Libertarian’s leadership has been co-opted by the Dem’s. It’s Obvious, what Libertarian referes to the 2nd Ammendment as for Hunting? What libertarian supports the TPP?

  • Buck’O

    But but but… Ron Paul was always a republican and he’s not dead yet. Other than that, yeah.