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The Hate Crime That Never Happened: Big Media, Police Downplay Disabled Boy’s Torture as Fun-Loving Prank

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First, the mainstream media portrayed the video kidnapping and torture of a special needs boy in Chicago as a prank waged by kooky, misguided African-American youths.

That is what happens when the Chicago Police Department refuses to release information in a timely manner after the arrests: The crooked media is free to craft its own narrative that will rarely benefit a white victim who was beaten and tortured by four African Americans. It’s a rigged system. The police, instructed by a liberal mayor, delays intelligence and misinformation runs amok in a coordinated campaign to protect the suspects at the expense of the victim.

The victim gets victimized yet again in such a crooked system.

Today, a shocked America who collectively watched a disabled boy beaten on a Live Facebook video feed, learned that the alleged criminals weren’t kids at all. In fact, some were career thugs who worked their way up to a hate crime.

Look no further than Tanisha Covington. Here is this innocent, would-be prankster’s Chicago rap sheet. Just a fun-loving kid mixed up in racially-charged torture hi jinks.

These 24-yr-old kids today. Always getting into mischief.

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  • Fee-fi-fo-fum

    Roof was right.

  • conrad

    If isis had done this it would be labeled terrorism.