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The Essence Of Trump’s Appeal To The Flyover Zone: “We Are Not Winning Anymore”

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Part 1 here…, …Massive debts, no good jobs, faltering productivity, soaring entitlements, declining net investment and drastically shrinking household incomes add up to an unprecedented assault on America’s vaunted middle class. In fact, the middle class is shrinking markedly as an empirical matter and fading rapidly as an aspirational possibility.

In the sections ahead, we will attempt to document what elite opinion-makers fail to comprehend about all this. To wit, it is their own profoundly misguided Wall Street/Washington policy regime that has given rise to this massive economic failure.

For more than three decades they have sown the wind. Trump is the whirlwind they are now reaping. 

We are here referring to Trump as the rallying figure for main street insurrection. That does not deny the fact that in posturing as an anti-politician outsider he has also proven himself to be a rank demagogue. His scurrilous attacks, inter alia, on Moslems, Mexicans, minorities, women, political opponents and countless more are frequently beyond the pale—–even by today’s rudely partisan standards of public discourse.

Indeed, there has rarely been a political figure in American life that has emitted as much baloney, bombast, brimstone and bile as Donald Trump. And none has ever matched his narcissism and egomaniacal personality.

But that’s not why he’s succeeding.

The Donald’s patented phrase that “we aren’t winning anymore” is what’s really striking a deep nerve on Main Street. His rhetoric about giant trade deficits, failed foreign military adventures and other shortcomings of America’s collective polity self-evidently touches that chord.

Indeed, Trump’s appeal is rooted at bottom in voter perceptions that they personally are no longer winning economically, either. And as we demonstrated above and shall further document in depth, the vast expanse of main street America has indeed been losing ground for the last 25 years. – READ MORE

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