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The Democrat’s Fascination with Fascism

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How Democrats are taken seriously as they preach freedom and equality while simultaneously moving further toward government-controlled discrimination is evidence of the left’s gift for revising history to fit their agenda. Therefore, it should come as no surprise they’ve managed to make many Americans forget or disregard the progressives’ alliance with fascism.

As D’Souza points out, however, the reality is quite simple, when you realize that fascism is what helps make entire groups of people completely dependent on government. Take Franklin Delano Roosevelt, for example. His administration and the greater progressive movement took from the European fascists their charismatic leadership style and propaganda, among other things. – READ MORE

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  • Gary Frost

    Let’s go one step further and call it what it is FREAKISH Fascination with Fascism is the progressive mantra-why is Hitler always associated with right wing? Socialist Nazis have more in common with communists they anyone else. The Clinton’s are representatives of this fascist thinking that now dominates the DNC at unprecedented levels. Just forget socialism they are already supporting THUGS just like the Brown Shirts of the Nazis, later to be replaced by the SS with extermination.

  • youlldiescreaming .

    «For years now, Westerners have been living in democratic societies in which this quite unreliable mode of political control is taken to mean everything to all people. Hence, being undemocratic is tantamount to being criminal – because the government of equals is sacrosanct, and considered as built upon moral principle on the same level of “Thy shall not kill!” commandment.

    Yet, there’s nothing intrinsically morally binding in democracy, as much as there’s no such thing as ‘government of equals.’

    People fall into this illusion because of an assumption that political life and – even more so – the legal system are the ultimate playgrounds of good and evil, whereas they most certainly are not. There were, and there are, authoritarian regimes which on average, weigh upon the shoulders of far better men than those inhabiting so-called ‘developed’ nations and modern democracies.

    To add insult to injury, people leading the actual contemporary democracies don’t actually suffer challenge to their power. The ideal about which we are speaking of is a fig leaf – and rather a small one – concealing something called oligarchy.»