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The Death Of Polling

Congratulations to all fellow Americans who voted today!  It’s a great blessing to share these past several months with you and this evening see -at last- the conclusion of much hard work, through the communal participation in our duty to vote for our future.

It would be imperative to reflect on exactly how the pollsters fared in their varying opinions throughout this campaigning season so that we have a better understanding of how to interpret their craft the next election, which comes again, soon enough.  No need to be naïvely distressed (as we see in the market rejoinder), since there was no special “tail-risk” event on Election Day (a landslide in either direction), hence the most important aspect of the strange polling forecasts this year will also be the wildly pernickety results in the wrong direction from some pollsters with sick long-term history of same.  As counseled in my previous research last month (see recent article here), generating over 3 million reads, this year’s pollsters gave an unanimously appalling performance, unworthy of our times.   – READ MORE