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The 6 Things Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About the ISIS

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It’s official. The Administration of President Barack Obama does not want you to understand the danger that you, your friends, your family, and your loved ones are in.

With the recent attempt at the Cabinet level of the U.S. Government by Attorney General Loretta Lynch to censor what the terrorist responsible for the greatest terror attack since 9/11 was saying on the phone to the 911 dispatcher during the Orlando massacre, we have the smoking gun of Orwellian “Newspeak” in America.

One: America is losing the war against the global jihadi ideology.

Two: There is no such thing as lone wolf terrorism.

Three: ISIS is much more powerful and much more dangerous than al Qaeda.

Four: ISIS is here in America.

Five: As a nation, we are weaker than we have ever been since September 11th.

Six: Lastly, the Obama Administration does not want you to know that the ideology of global jihad is more powerful than it has ever been. – READ MORE

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