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That Time Hillary Clinton Fanboy Mark Cuban Chimed in on True Pundit’s Twitter

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For a billionaire who is used to getting his way, things sure didn’t go his way this round for Mark Cuban, whose political expertise boasts a role as U.S. President in Sharknado 3. But when you’re a fanboy for Hillary Clinton, and chase flying sharks in your free time, that can happen. Not everyone in the media is on the Kool Aide.

It all started innocently enough, with a video clip of Cuban’s pal Bill Clinton doing his best 2016 Trump impersonation, posted by True Pundit publisher @Thomas1774Paine.

Then world-famous poker player Mike Matusow helped Trigger Cuban by sending him the video. Cuban’s response was quite weak. I guess his paid writers were asleep or Hillary’s talking points don’t cover a video unearthed from 21 years ago.

Once True Pundit was mentioned, we felt a duty to respond to his comments. We thought perhaps he would jump back in but he’s from Pittsburgh and we’re from Philly. He knows what that means.

Then we started thinking: Cuban is for open borders. Let’s see if his borders are open down in Dallas. We know where all celebrities and politicians live BTW, so finding his house was little problem. As we suspected, Cuban is another celebrity phony, Do as I say, not as I do.

When one wall just won’t do the trick always build a second wall, especially if you plan on railing about a national wall on Mexico’s border as proposed by Trump.

Some computer guru Cuban turned out to be. He isn’t even savvy enough to know how to block online photos of his house. Shrewd. I’m sure he can outsource that to his Indian programmers.


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  • robert franklin stroud

    Mark Cuban looks like a low-rent Frankenstein.
    He is just butt-hurt that TRUMP can inspire passion and all Cuban can inspire is retching.

    Cuban loves #GrannyGrifter.

  • Dean Johnson

    Two walls and guards for him and nothing for the rest of us. Typical bullshit liberal. Do as I say, not as I do. Well Mark, we aren’t all billionaires with walls and security guards, but we demand security for ourselves and our families. Take your biased, liberal bullshit and go screw yourself (and Sharktank too).