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Teen Vogue writer slams Bible as equivalent to fake news — the internet responds in force

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(The Blaze) A liberal writer for Teen Vogue magazine was recently taken to the woodshed on Twitter after she tried to downplay the mainstream media’s “fake news” reputation by alleging that the Bible is riddled with tons of inaccuracies.

Lauren Duca, a columnist for Teen Vogue, wrote on Twitter Monday: “Folks, if you think there are too many mistakes in modern journalism, let me tell you about inaccuracies in this one book called ‘The Bible.’”

However, Duca’s attempt to delegitimize the Bible in order to legitimize the media was widely seen as very unsavory and an example of why reason Trump won — and people were quick to rebuke Duca on Twitter – READ MORE


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  • MatFan

    Teen Vogue is Liberal propaganda, nothing more. Indoctrination into Liberal insanity.

    Recently they announced they’re going to start up in Poland. Poland should not allow this Communist rag in their country.

  • Patriot76

    Lauren Doofus. The youth of today, No respect, no morals, no religion!

  • ivan

    So called errors in the Bible have been adequately answered by Bible scholars who respect it unlike the Liberal scholars in today’s institutions of unlearning; most so called errors are copy errors involving numerals or names, as in King James version, which have been corrected; others such as so called contradicitions in the Gospels, such as on the Resurrection narratives, have been adequately solved. There are plenty of good sites in the internet responding to the critics in this regard that can be googled.

  • TI
  • Belle

    Well, Lauren, the Bible says, do not add to or take away anything from this book!! That is clear enough for me! Are you a Bible Scholar? I doubt you are so best be careful how you talk about what is in the Bible!! Make sure you repeat what you read verbatim!!

  • sam wayne

    Liberals are evil commie-facist snowflakes. They melt in the presence of truth and goodness.

    Nothing new to see here.

  • MatFan

    Teen Vogue is for introducing Teens to Communism.