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Ted Cruz shops one-and-done bill to repeal and replace Obamacare

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A member of the Senate Republican healthcare working group is working to build support for an alternative to the House-passed Obamacare repeal bill, one that allows for cross-state insurance purchases, and includes medical malpractice reform, health savings accounts and the expansion of association health plans.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, also wants to pass just one bill to get the job done, not two, as currently planned by House Republican leaders.

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  • harrydweeks

    Absolutely right . Good first step in getting Gov . out of healthcare business.

  • JoanieBaloney

    Cruz is right on target. That is exactly the time of legislation that needs to be passed to reduce premiums and get a hold on the health insurance mess we have now. Cruz needs to be listened to and followed.

  • DD More

    Still on 2 of the 4 steps needed to Affect Healthcare Costs, instead of Health Insurance.

    2 of 4 steps in talk of HealthCare, while they are only messing with Insurance. We need something about cost containment.

    From the ObolaCare Days. Costs.
    ** Tort reform – When doctors are paying upwards of 30% for Malpractice Insurance, which is paid direct 30-50% to lawyers, you could cut 10% minimum in the health budget. But since most congressucks are lawyers, they protect their own.

    State / Fed Mandates. – Insurance companies were reporting upwards of 30% of your bill is state and fed mandated coverage for things like Psyco, drug addiction, pregnancy, check-ups, fringe medical (acupuncture, chiropractic, new age whatever). There are +10,000 individual pet state mandates. These groups lobby the state legislatures and force all the policies to put them on the payroll.

    **Cross State Sales – More monopoly rules.

    Drug Cost – Takes over a $Billion to get a drug approved, then you have 7 years from when you ‘Submit for Approval’ to make up your research costs. No Patent rights for you, generic drug makers rule. Anyone wonder why prices are high?