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Survey: White Working Class Voters Think Republicans Will Do A Better Job At Fixing The Economy

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A survey released last week revealed that white working class voters overwhelmingly had faith that Republicans will do a better job at improving the economy than Democrats would.

The House Majority PAC, the leading super PAC for House Democrats, asked 1,000 white working class people whether they believed Democrats or Republicans were better equipped to create jobs and improve the economy.

“On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 means it applies very well and 1 means it does not apply at all, how well does ‘Will help improve the economy and create jobs’ apply to the Democrats/Republicans in Congress?” the survey asked. The respondents rated Republicans 35 points higher in their ability to do so, the survey showed.

The survey pulled from 1,000 interviews with potential white working class voters in the upcoming 2018 election. All of the respondents did not have college degrees or a higher education and were older than 24. The survey targeted three types of voters: undecided, those who don’t usually vote Democrat but switch after hearing the message and those who voted for former President Barack Obama in 2012, but didn’t vote for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

The Democratic super PAC decided to run the survey in the hopes of helping the Democratic Party gear up for the upcoming 2018 election.

“We suffer from the lack of an identifiable positive agenda,” Brodnitz and Normington, the firm that conducted the research, said in a presentation. “Without it, voters will turn to Trump for progress. With it, we can make significant gains.”

Other survey findings revealed that respondents believed Republicans were more likely to cut taxes for the middle class than Democrats (by 15 points) and that Republicans would probably make sure people who work hard are rewarded for it.

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    It’s always been this way. democrats TRASH everything and the HAVOC falls during the GOP term. Just like billY’s DOT COM BUST fell a month after Bush took office and billY and barry’s sleazy affirmative action HOUSING BUBBLE was running in the background until it fell in 2007.

    The democrat communists always BLAME the GOP for their whore acts. Notice, barry paid wall street $88BILLION a MONTH for years and then the clowns BRAG about it.

    democrats PURPOSELY CRASH our economy once a decade and then ROB OUR RETIREMENT SAVINGS BLIND.